SECCOM 2011: Introduction to iPhone Development

10/17/2011 § Leave a comment


So, this year is the second time I am talking about cool stuff at SECCOM. Only this time it is about even cooler stuff: iPhone!

SECCOM is a great event that becomes more amazing every year. Actually it is a week where a bunch of people comes to UFSC (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina) to share ideas regarding technology. This year it counts with discussions regarding quality of software, embedded software, databases, arduino, android, windows phone 7, iPhone and much more.

My talk is about iPhone Development, actually it is more like an introduction. The idea is to tell people how they can get started into the iOS world. I am covering very basic topics like what is the cost, which are the tools and what iPhone is all about. Of course it wouldn’t be a good talk for beginners if it doesn’t had a cool demo. So the demo I chose shows how to do a very basic use of UITableView and the ZBar library for scanning QR codes.

If you watched the presentation and wants the material or couldn’t go, but would like it as well, I have good news: It is all available here. Oh, and one more thing: Since the talk is happing in Brazil the presentation is in Portuguese, but I took the care to translate it to English so that you guys could also enjoy!

Thank you!


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