TThree20: A Brief TTLauncherView tutorial

10/19/2010 § 35 Comments

The TTLauncherView is a very simple UI component in the sense of use, that basically mimics the iOS home screen. It comes with a scroll view and a page control that enables you to browse through a set of TTLauncherItems. Each of these items can be reordered, deleted or even have a badge number, just like application badges on the iOS home screen.

I already worked on a lot of applications that having a “home screen behavior” would be great. The Facebook guys found a very neat way to provide this behavior for custom application developers. They just made it a UI component with some delegate methods, just like every other standard component and of course, it works pretty well with their navigation model.

It is so simple, that you just have to create your view controller, append a TTLauncherView to it and attach your TTLauncherItems. If you want to provide a more complete behavior, just implement the TTLauncherViewDelegate and there you go.

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